Used Item Grades

Every used item on this website has been carefully photographed and described honestly, to show the exact item you will receive. Along with detailed condition notes you will find a grade of either A+, A, B or C depending on the exact condition of the item, and the packaging or accessories that are included.

Grade A+/A Items

This is the top grade, and an item needs to be close to mint condition, with the original tags, box and manual (or other packaging as appropriate), and only the very slightest signs of wear or cosmetic marks. As close to brand new as possible, although an item graded A+ will most likely will be in new and unworn condition.

Grade B Items

Item with this grade need to be in good condition, preferably with the original tags/box etc. Some slight cosmetic faults are acceptable, but no other issues.

Grade C Items

Obvious wear and tear, missing boxes and manuals, or other issues earn a C Grade.

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